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Founded in early 2003, Phase N Australia Pty Ltd is a privately held Australian company, created to commercialise several pieces of formerly private development technology. Offices are currently located in Lismore, on the far north coast of New South Wales.

With the completion in November 2003 of a market ready form of its core technology, Phase N moved from a pure research and development stance to that of a services business. Commercial trading began in early January 2004, with the delivery of the company's first project in 7 business days being a good sign for the future.


Phase N is a seed stage company, with over 90% of stock currently held by the founder. Despite the short lifespan of the company it is currently profitable.

The company is currently undergoing a first round of funding from private investors to support expansion, targeting intellectual property protection, marketing activities, and the opening of a new facility in the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

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