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Phase N Australia is a small software development company specialising in the rapid production of high quality, but relatively inexpensive, web applications for the Small to Medium Enterprise market.

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These goals are achieved using an artificially intelligent software production system, which does 95% of the programming and HTML templating automatically, allowing us to spend more time in analysis and design, making sure you get exactly what you want. Clients get access to appropriate and adaptable solutions at affordable prices.

At the core of our business, our software production system is the product of more than 10,000 hours of development time, spanning over 4 years. The applications produced by the system are robust and highly cost effective, with no expenditure required on additional software from other vendors. Our software runs on cheap, reliable and commonly available Open Source platforms and is not limited to any particular operating system or distribution.

In addition, we provide a range of consulting, development and ancillary services, including general programming, database migration, system integration and other software applications work.

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About the name "Phase N"

"Phase N" means any number of iterations after Phase One. The aim of these phases is to extend the work that was done previously, implementing more features in each successive phase, until the project is complete.

With the ability to create and modify our software extremely quickly, with little of the normal overhead when modifying existing systems, we encourage an iterative development schedule to the majority of our clients. Features can be built, deployed and invoiced a few at a time, as they are needed. This highly agile approach to development provides a huge range of options for clients, and can help to align the pace of development with your cash flow.


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