Consulting Services

Within Australia, Phase N provides a range of technical consulting services for small to medium enterprises, local and regional government bodies, and charities and other NGO's. Our general focus is on implementing or improving web and related systems in a rapid and efficient manner, while meeting required quality standards.

Recommendations can be made in writing or simply verbal as you require.
All interaction and recommendations remain strictly confidential.

Business Analysis

Taking your existing business and technical situation as a starting point, we conduct an investigation into the structure of your business, and the way you do business, to identify areas in which the use of web or other technologies can add, enhance, or replace, parts of your business.

For engagements where a need has already been established, we typically undertake this process as part of the first development cycle, to further tailor our solution to your particular situation. This often includes research interviews with people in your organisation likely to interact or have an interest in the new system.

Technical Strategy

We can work with your organisation to establish a high level technical strategy for your organisation. This service is particularly beneficial for clients in rural and regional areas.

This may include tasks such as platform or language selection, determine scale, architecture and location of server resources, integration and migration strategies, and more.

Trusted Third Party

This is another service available to rural and regional clients. In situations where your organisation lacks expert knowledge, we can provide experts to act as a Trusted Third Party.

Typical example would include:

  • Evaluating technical proposals
  • Sit-in experts at job interviews for technical staff
  • Other situations where it can provide an advantage to have an expert on your side, without an outside interest in the situation.

For any Trusted Third Party engagement, we guarantee to avoid financial or any other conflicts of interest.

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