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Different types of organisations have very different needs and problems, and we provide a range of services to assist in a variety of areas.

General Consulting

Within Australia, Phase N provides a range of technical consulting services for small to medium enterprises, local and regional government bodies, and charities and other NGOs. Our general focus is on implementing or improving web and related systems in as cheap and efficient manner as possible, while maintaining acceptable or required quality standards.

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Rapid Application Development

Our mission is to create the fastest and most efficient application development technologies possible. Putting this technology to work for you is the core of our business.

The unique and highly advanced development technology we have developed over the past 4 years allows us to put together your web based applications in so little time it will make your head spin. We're talking working prototypes in hours, and complete applications in days or a few weeks. In fact, for simple applications, such as enquiry forms, surveys and the like, we are often able to provide a 24 hours or less turnaround on your request.

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Enterprise Prototyping

Enterprise level organisations, such as big business and State or Federal Governments, generally already have a corporate strategy and a very specific set of rules for the direction for their information technology, and the platforms into which application will have to integrate. Implementing new applications within these frameworks can be time consuming and expensive, even for simple cases.

Often, these organisation have great difficulty in proof-of-concept or prototype situations, as management is reluctant to "throw away" money invested in these expensive prototypes. This can lead to spending far too much money taking what was meant to be a prototype far beyond its original purpose.

Phase N is pioneering the use of "disposable" software for enterprises. We can implement prototypes for your business so quickly and so cheaply, compared to typical enterprise budgets, that there is negligible perceived loss when the time comes to build the application "for real" within the corporate standards.

Phase N developed prototypes may be cheap, but "cheap-and-nasty" they are most definitely not. Phase N Prototypes work well, look great, and if it weren't for the fact they probably won't fit into your particular corporate standard in the longer term, would be perfectly usable as a real production level systems. You get a good looking proof-of-concept or prototype system at a great price in very little time.

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