Rapid Response for Government

Reaching out to the public as soon as they need it

Government is one of the primary markets for Rapid Response. Many government activities either require or could greatly by assisted by the ability to roll out software systems in very short time periods.

Phase N can assist Government with a number of different tasks, such as rapid conversion of registration/application forms to online versions, implementing feedback systems, and general application development.

Phase N Rapid Response™, building on our existing artificially-intelligent development technology, will extend our capabilities to include systems that need to be rolled out in extremely short time-frames.

In particular, we plan to focus on high-volume applications such as crisis hotlines or status pages, and other systems that could provide a great benefit to the public, but are currently considered impossible to be rolled out in the time frames for which they would be useful.


Rapid Response Suggestions
Reporting Systems
Crisis Status and Hotlines
Capturing Public Interest
One-off Registrations
Rapidly Service Delivery
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