Phase N Rapid Response

When development delays cost lives, your software had better write itself!

Building on the foundations of our artificially-intelligent software development system, Phase N Rapid Response is our vision for the future of ultra-rapid "Software on Demand".  Currently under development, Phase N Rapid Response is aimed at organisations for whom response time is critical.  Organisations where delays can cost jobs, or lives.

Once completed, Phase N Rapid Response will bring together human development capacity management, artificially-intelligent software development, automated deployment and auto-scaling resource allocation.  This automation of the entire product lifecycle will bring never-before-seen levels of responsiveness to the development process.

Our initial proof-of-concept project is aimed at the rollout, within 1 hour of first contact, of a relatively straight-forward data capture and/or query application capable of handling 1 million hits per day.

Just like our regular development service, Phase N Rapid Response™ will be capable of producing just about any software you need, whether you know what it is yet or not.  And because requirements can change during a crisis, we're building additional intelligent components into our development system to actually understand the changes being made and make decisions about whether to merge and deploy changes without waiting for an operator.

For more information on how Phase N Rapid Response™ might be applicable to your organisation, choose a sector from the list.

Rapid Response™ for:
Federal and State Government
Emergency Services
Military and Intelligence
Crisis Response NGOs
United Nations / European Union
The Advertising Industry
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