Rapid Response for Crisis Response NGOs

Because people in need can't wait till the web designer gets back from snowboarding

Whether it's flood, famine, war or natural disaster, it's the NGOs that are often in there taking a share of the load of putting things back together.

And most of the time, it just takes too long to get software systems into place.  By the time things are running satisfactorily, it's time to pull out, and systems get abandoned until the next time, for which they are never quite right.

Phase N Rapid Response ™ is being created specifically to deal with situations such as this.  In fact, because our goals are to get deployment down to hours or days, we may well have applications in place by the time your mission members arrive.

Phase N is seeking one or more NGOs to help participate in the development process for Rapid Response, to help ensure that the applications produced will adapt well to the most common situations likely to be faced in the field.

Rapid Response Suggestions
Tracking and Provisioning
Crisis Status and Hotlines
Family Reunion
Messaging and Communications
Rapidly Service Delivery
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