Our Development Technology

"High Quality. Fast Delivery. Low Cost. Pick any two"


Our mission is to create the world's most efficient method for developing software applications, and then to apply that technology as widely as possibly to quickly create high quality and affordable applications.  Our technology uses a patent pending method for getting past traditional development trade-offs between speed, quality and cost, to allow us provide a development service that is

  • Consistently high quality
  • Completed extremely quickly
  • Available at a reasonable cost

Our tools and methodology supply a 4x - 8x productivity improvement, and we achieve this without sacrificing quality, stability or flexibility.  In fact, software produced using our method is more robust and has less bugs than traditional methods.  In small-medium sized applications this means that despite being created in very short time-frames, applications will work first time and never break down.

Our immediate goal is to further improve our technology to attain an 8x - 10x productivity improvement, a full order of magnitude more efficient than any other competitor in the bespoke development market.

How does it work?

Our development service is a mix of advanced code-generation technology and development methodology acting in harmony to push projects from concept to deployment as efficiently as possible.  Our core artificially-intelligent system takes system structure and function information from a trained analyst/programmer and produces a complete working application, taking primary responsibility for every aspect of the project.

The core code generator implements a number of expert systems and heuristics to predict the most likely contents of the final database and code in line in with industry best practise.  The operator can override the internal decision systems to force the application in a particular direction.  Any application produced by the system can be customised in depth as much you wish.

Around this core code-generation system are additional systems for managing project and code changes, independent agents that scour completed projects to clean up, optimise, document and build automated unit testing code for the applications.

While currently this whole process is managed by a human operator, with Phase N Rapid Response™ we will take this one step further.  Technology currently in development will allow the system to understand the code it is producing at a logical level down to each individual character.  The system will be able to accurately predict the impact of changes to the project, giving it the option of committing part or all of its changes to the projects source management system, requesting feedback from a human operator only for items it believes will clash with customisations.

And it's not only the development system that displays these types of advanced behaviour.  Because every application we produce shares some common "DNA" with all other projects, as one application improves all other projects are improved along with it.  In effect, work for our other clients directly improves your projects as well!  Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced, and application lifespans are greatly improved.

All improvements are made with efficiency as the prime goal.  This focus on all three elements of efficience (cost, speed and quality) has resulted in applications which deploy on Open Source platforms with zero non-hardware infrastructure costs, install themselves, are easily maintained by non-programmers, look great, and are security-hardened. More on application technology.

For more information on the general process see our whitepaper Full Lifecycle Software Generation


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