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Software development in extremely short time frames.

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Phase N Australia is a software research and development company specialising in the automated generation of applications.

Created with a total focus on efficiency, our development technology is providing the elusive "better, faster, cheaper" in the creation of software applications.

From intranet applications to website tools and all the way up to the complete creation of Application Service Provider products, our proprietary development technology is allowing small business to leverage the internet more affordably than ever before, and letting entrepreneurs turn a great idea into a complete product in record time.

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PhotoN™ Digital Photography
Phase N and Open Source

Introducing the PhotoN™ Digital Photography System

With its secure, scalable and near-perfectly efficient image pipeline, PhotoN™ technology makes it trivially easy to add digital photography features to your project and to use photos in your applications as many times, and in as many sizes, as you want.

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